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Mar 19, 2024
Real Estate Couple

The world of real estate, with its constantly shifting tides and evolving landscapes that
require quick thinking and adaptation, has a tendency to cultivate particular lifestyles for those
working within the industry. The long hours, unpredictable schedules, and pressure to perform
that are part of succeeding in real estate often spill over into agents' personal lives, impacting
their relationships and family dynamics. Statistically speaking, these work-dominated lifestyles
can frequently take a toll on marriages and intimate partnerships.

In the United States, divorce rates have surged to 42-44%. Marriages entwined with
business ownership hover around 50%, and the real estate industry is no exception within these
statistics. For real estate professionals, the introduction of considerable change and uncertainty
in the market forecasts an increase in divorce rates within our industry. Fortunately, with
intentional effort, entrepreneurs and business owners possess the tools required for successful
relationships that can weather any storm. Here are two strategies to enhance marital bliss while
navigating the challenges of the real estate lifestyle.

Setting Goals with Your Partner:
Often, real estate agents and professionals set goals without considering the ripple effect
on their personal lives. The necessary time away from home and the additional weekend work
needed to achieve these goals are frequently not discussed before the commitments are made.
The mental and emotional burden on a partner not in real estate must be acknowledged. Before
cementing goals and placing them on the office "goals board," seek input and opinions from
those at home who will be affected by the efforts to attain those goals.

Unfortunately, for many highly driven, big goal types of people running their own
business, that conversation often comes across as someone telling their spouse or family what
their business goals are, how that is going to affect them, and then that is it! Instead of telling
our family how it’s going to be, we need to be getting their opinions and allowing them to give
valued input before these goals are fully committed to on a business level. By making space for
loved ones to voice their needs and expectations, we create a more cohesive environment to
both move forward and endure tough times.

Real estate is a popular industry for couples working together, and it is equally crucial for
these couples to consider the relationship implications of their goals and the required work.
Working closely together might lead to assumptions and decisions without complete
communication. Regarding goals, engage in discussions, secure buy-in, establish agreements,
and ensure everyone is on the same page moving forward.

Biannual Business and Marriage Retreats:
Successful companies often have dedicated meetings throughout the year to assess
their current status and make future plans. Many real estate professionals follow suit. This
intentional approach is taken by successful businesses to make informed decisions, stay on
track, and ultimately ensure their success. Adopting a similar approach can significantly impact
our marriages. To witness success and happiness in our marriages, we must be as intentional
about our personal lives as we are in our professional endeavors.

I challenge you to commit to dedicating a full day (or even a weekend) twice a year, to
evaluate your marriage. Put it on the calendar and address the following questions during these

A: What are our strengths and weaknesses in both business and marriage?
B: What opportunities and threats should we be aware of for both our marriage and our
C: What do we envision for our life outside of our business?
D: Are there any conversations regarding our business and/or marriage that we are not having,
that we need to be having?

Remember, any marriage is tough. All marriages demand high levels of communication,
evolution, self development, trust, and hard work. When you throw in running your own business
and the unique challenges that come along with that choice, the demands of a marriage
become harder and harder to fulfill. Nonetheless, the tools and mindsets that we as real estate
professionals have used to build great businesses can smoothly translate into nurturing and
fortifying amazing relationships as well.

Cheers to happy homes and successful businesses.
-Kalan Hubbard


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